The Mayor of Leith, North Dakota (Ryan Schock) after suffering through the ordeal of ridding his town of the Nazi Craig Cobb who was trying to take over the town is now being prosecuted by the North Dakota Attorney General for a "Class 'A' misdemeanor of failing to report a controlled burn".

This is pure retribution and a case of persecution by the county States Attorney Todd Schwarz and the Attorney General's representative Paul Emerson.


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Here is what a 'HERO' looks like...we are very proud of you! - Photo Of Mayor Ryan Schock by Alex Skalicky

Here is what a 'HERO' looks like...we are very proud of you!

Photo Of Mayor Ryan Schock by Alex Skalicky

Revenge and adding to their political agenda of destroying the "Leith Three" individuals who took Todd Schwarz before the North Dakota Supreme Court's Disciplinary Board for 'Conduct Unbecoming Of A Court Official' is the only reason thousands of taxpayer dollars are going to be spent on a jury trial.

The City of Leith has a population of only 20 citizens or so thus the tax base cannot support any type of legal defense and that is why the City of Leith is asking the public for their financial support.

The City of Leith would appreciate any support you can offer.

Thank you.


The money raised through this outreach will 'ONLY' be used for legal fees associated with the City of Leith and its officials whether or not it involves the officials personally or in their duties as members of the city government. The donations will be deposited automatically in the City of Leith's bank account in Carson, North Dakota.



You can also make a donation in any amount to the City of Leith by clicking on the "DONATE" button above which will take you to the "Secure" website at PayPal.


You may also make a donation by stopping by or mailing a check to the Grant County State Bank at 202 N. Main St. in Carson, ND 58529.


Your check should be made out to the City of Leith. You may also call the bank at 701-622-3491 for more information. 


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