There Will Be A Meeting Of The City Council Of The City Of Leith on Friday May 15, 2015 At 6:30PM (MDT) In The Town Hall!




The Mayor of Leith, North Dakota (Ryan Schock) after suffering through the ordeal of ridding his town of the Nazi Craig Cobb who was trying to take over the town is now being prosecuted by the North Dakota Attorney General for a "Class 'A' misdemeanor of failing to report a controlled burn".

Grant County States Attorney Todd Schwarz turned over the case against Leith Mayor Ryan Schock brought by Michael Bencz and Deby Nelson of Leith to the North Dakota Attorney General's Attorney Paul Emerson for prosecution saying it might be a conflict of interest or at least in the best interest of justice according to sources.


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Photo Of Mayor Ryan Schock by Alex Skalicky

Here is what a 'HERO' looks like!

We in Grant County, North Dakota are very proud of you!

Photo Of Mayor Ryan Schock by Alex Skalicky

Paul Emerson is the same attorney who helped Schwarz get "CRAIG COBB" off on a plea deal.

Mayor Schock says, "I will fight this all the way and let a jury decide if they want me in prison for doing my job!"

Many have said that this is a 'vendetta' on Schwarz's part as Mayor Schock, a Leith City Council member and the town's Media Relations Representative filed charges against Schwarz last year for 'unprofessional conduct' during a crime victim interview relating to the 'Craig Cobb' case.

Schwarz was exonerated by the North Dakota Supreme Court's Disciplinary Board but not before he lost his bid for a judgeship.


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